Starbooks is a Comic Book Store in an exclusive location, The Antwerp Kinepolis. The store offers a great variety of comic books, but also figurines, collectibles and reading books. This project was started by an ambitious man who had a dream to fulfill and just have fun with it.

With only a (great) location to start with, we made them a full branding. Starting with the logo, which is made up from several tints of green, gold & grey. The logo has to function as a shield, much like the emblem on the chest of many superheroes, it has to stand out and have a story behind it. Koen knew that NewFusion was the place.

The feeling of this logo had to be in the mood of the old complicated, yet beautiful style called Art Deco. Since Kinepolis is such an unique looking building, almost like a monument to Antwerp, we decided to recreate this building in Art Deco Style, to serve as the background for the shield. The font is slightly bent to complicate this form.

Next step as in any branding were the business cards, invoice template, Facebook banner & Poster Template to create active traffic.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-14 om 16.05.33

We wanted to make a fun, unique website for Starbooks. We decided that the rest of the branding for the website had to be a variation of calm elements and poppy Comic book elements. The website includes a Webshop where people can buy their favorite comics, books & figurines in a fun and fast way. Starbooks also had a blog section, to create an active community which will generate a recurring traffic on- and offline. Because Starbooks is closely connected to Kinepolis, you can reserve your tickets for any movie through the Starbooks website. If you need directions to Starbooks, you can use the easy google maps system, which proudly displays the Starbooks Badge.

To top the whole opening off, we created an Interior Branding for the shop. Every bookcase received a full wrap of the Modernised Art Deco Styled branding, along with some nifty chalk vinyl above the bookcases, which can be rewritten with every new delivery of course.

The Logo is flourishing behind the counter as a peacock with its tail spread wide. And the colors of the walls make the whole store a unified concept.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-14 om 16.43.56