Another successful event production for the launch of a series of new Huawei products (HuaweiMateS – HuaweiWatch – HuaweiG8 ) , a lot of different apps , technologies & services all provided , managed & developed by NewFusion.

Interactive Screens

We created an easy swipe application to let the user discover the unique features of new Mate S smartphone.

LED Walls

We used 2 big interactive 2.8mm led screens. We used an interactive Kinect application to create a unique user experience.

We also provided: Event Support, Account / Sales Support, Graphic & Multimedia Design.


Green Key Experience

Visitors could check-out the professional camera mode on the new Huawei Mate S. With this unique feature users can set the ISO values manually, quite unique for a phone, right ?

So we created an interactive iPad application, where users could select a nice greenkey background … all backgrounds had different light settings.
Once they have chosen a background , the light setting would change to the corresponding ISO value.
We have created a very cool innovative bridge between a software application & hardware components like the lights , windblower etc…

Once the pictures was taken, our software removed the green backdrop , replaced it with the new chosen background and the photo was printed with an overlay of Huawei.


Treadmill Experience

To demonstrate the Huawei’s new Smartwatch functionalities we created an interactive led wall, with animated video content of different places all over the world. We called it : stories of live !

The video of the ledwall was controlled by another IPAD application wich could select a different video scene.
Each video scene was synced with the speed of the treadmill.
Our R&D Team constructed a custom DMX controlled treadmill, this custom build interface was controlled by a microcontroller.


Transparent Displays

To display the unique features of the new Smartwatch , we create a custom video animation.
This created a very nice effect on the transparent screens.