What do you think about an awesome tattoo that comes to life? Seems like something from the future? Hell no…The future is today! De Nationale Loterij agreed with us, and believed in NewFusion to bring this relatively new technology to the party people of today.

Citycubes built a huge stand that could tattoo a lot of people simultaneously. We actually used a washable tattoo (the kind that kids often play with). So after a few days it will disappear, but during the festival the participants will have an awesome tattoo.

You can try it out yourself at the bigger festivals in Belgium.

After the tattoo was applied by our Fun For Life Tattoo Artist hostesses, they could use a Win For Life scratch ticket iPad and reveal the camera. When the camera recognized the tattoo through tiny recognition markers. The 3D-model of the corresponding tattoo will appear and track the movement of the body surface and use it as a plain to rotate.

ipad_mockup WinForLife festival

Participants can also show off their awesome tattoo in augmented reality to their friends who stayed at home. they can surf to funforlife.win/ the number found on their tattoo. This way they’ll take a piece of the festival home with them.


We made a very simple and user friendly interface in the Win For Life brand style for data capturing all the people who visited the Win For Life booth. We made sure they didn’t have to lose any precious festival time on long boring forms.